Guest Reviews

I had unforgettable holidays on One Planet.
Thanks to Stéphane and Laurence for their kindness.
Thanks to Laurence for her attentiveness and service during our vacation.
And a big thanks to Roger for delighting us from morning to evening, thanks to you we won’t be able to fit into our pants when we return!!

PS: The most memorable remains our last evening all together. Thanks for everything and see you soon I hope.

A. (February 2024)

What a vacation!! Unforgettable… and what a boat!
A true marvel… a real gem.
A big bravo to the entire crew who were always attentive to us, always on deck! 🙂
They showed a lot of courage with us and above all, patience!

A special mention for Roger who delighted us being locked up in his kitchen all day. What an excellent idea to have chosen an Italian chef…

A big thank you to all of you and see you soon I hope! 🙂

D. (February 2024)

Unforgettable holidays on board One Planet!!
A big thank you to the whole crew for making these holidays so wonderful by being attentive and caring every day.

Thank you Roger for his delicious meals!
See you soon!

H. (February 2024)

The food delicious, fresh and always different, and the fantastic ice coffee whenever I needed a boost of energy.
Thank you for the great service, superb navigation from Stéphane and Laurence!
A trip that will remain etched in my memory for years to come.

Thank you for everything, thank you very much, grazie mille!!!
See you soon I hope.

L. (February 2024)

What holidays… UNFORGETTABLE!
Thank you to this incredible crew for making everything perfect.
Our return home will be hard without you. We’re already going to get a slap with the weather…

A memorable last evening and a marriage proposal on ONE PLANET.
Thank you, thank you for everything. And thank you Roger. You are an EXTRA chef!

S. (February 2024)

Thank you to the whole crew for this unforgettable experience.
Thank you for everything you allowed us to see and experience! There will be a before and after ONE PLANET… See you soon on the seas!

MS (February 2024)

A big thank you for taking care of our little family with such attention.
Beautiful discovery of all the sweet spots of the Grenadines, with a nice mix between places to see and wilder islands.

Thanks to Stéphane for helping the kids improve their little navigations with patience and perseverance, and to Laurence who always has an eye on everything so that our every wish is fulfilled every day, and to Roger who made us travel from evening to evening with his wonderful recipes.

See you soon!

B. (March 2024)

Thank you so much for this fantastic voyage and my freshly squeezed lemon every morning, I loved it!
Thanks to Roger for his excellent dishes and wonderful lobsters. Grazie mille e a presto! Thanks to Captain Stephan for his patience on the boat for my numerous water skiing attempts!
Thanks to Laurence for her service and always being available.
With hope to see you all soon!

A. (March 2024)

Dear Stéphane, Laurence, Roger and Szonja,
Thank you so much for this superb experience! It was an exceptional cruise and voyage, the magnificent landscape, the exceptional and well-selected bays and spots.

C. (March 2024)

Wow! What a fabulous trip!
The food was outstanding & a culinary delight.
The staff was very friendly and very helpful in everything.
We were able to explore many lagoons and visit distant bays.
We were not prepared to be served and treated as much, again the staff on the boat were absolutely outstanding.

Thank you for taking good care of us.

Sincerely, M+B, C, K, A, F, C & S

PS. Thank you for the alcohol-free espresso martini!

March 2024

An absolutely magical experience! My first yacht trip will be one I won’t forget.
The views were stunning, the food was outstanding, the service impeccable, and the friends were lovely.

My favorite part was waking up before everyone and having a peaceful morning coffee overlooking such beauty.
Thank you for such a perfect vacation and for showing us such great hospitality and care.

Until next time, BC

March 2024

So sad to be leaving such an incredible trip…
We had our full “below deck” experience and I don’t think I can ever go back to how it was before.
We are now spoiled by such luxury and hospitality.
Everything was amazing from food, service, locations, sunset drinks, and ocean toys. Happy Birthday to A… looking forward to his next birthday trip.

Thanks to everyone!!!

J. (March 2024)

It was the most magical surprise of my life!
The crew is amazing! Super friendly and helpful and the food was wonderful.
It was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.

Thank you so much for everything.

A. (March 2024)

Thank you Stephane, Szonja, Laurence, and Roger for an unforgettable week on One Planet.
As you know I loved every part of being in the beautiful Caribbean – especially the seabobs and all the snorkeling. It was a pleasure to spend time in such a thoughtfully designed boat. I slept so soundly every night. I loved all of the meals and the service was second to none.

Thank you for showing us this special part of the world and for pointing out all the turtles!

P. (March 2024)

Thank you for such a beautiful and amazing trip. It was truly special and I am very grateful for being so welcoming. The food/wine, lobster dinner on the beach were all excellent.

Truly a trip of a lifetime

N. (March 2024)

Thank you for the most special and entertaining birthday of my life!
It was truly a paradise, to be on One Planet with my friends, in the Grenadines, taken care of by such a friendly, helpful, and welcoming crew.

We loved the seabobs, the snorkeling gear (fun masks!), the sound system, the hammock chairs – everything! The boat was so new and thoughtfully designed – functional layout and utmost luxury.

Finally, I would especially like to compliment Roger the chef on an impeccable menu every day. I hope to one day return to One Planet! Merci !

A. (March 2024)

What a trip… UNFORGETTABLE!!!
Thanks to the whole crew for this unforgettable experience and their kindness. Congratulations for the beautiful boat and its ONE PLANET spirit.

Special mention to Roger for his carefully prepared little dishes.
Fair winds to the whole team and see you soon I hope!

M. (April 2024)