Stephane HERVE

With over 25 years of experience, Stephane is a professional competitive sailor and has sailed on an impressive array of yachts across oceans, including World Record multihulls. After retiring from competition, he transitioned to working on charter and private yachts, encompassing both motor and sail vessels. This extensive background has equipped him with a broad spectrum of professional skills and outstanding interpersonal qualities.

As a father of two, Stephane has a natural affinity with children, making him an exceptional “can-do” captain dedicated to guest satisfaction. He excels in organizing activities, sourcing top-notch restaurants and clubs, and curating memorable experiences and destinations along the itinerary—always going the extra mile for his valued guests.

Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Stephane takes great pleasure in welcoming guests on board. His kindness and tranquility ensure a serene atmosphere, allowing every guest to enjoy a truly unforgettable cruising experience on this futuristic eco-friendly sailing yacht.

Antoine TORRES

Antoine is an experienced captain with a passion for the sea and a dedication to excellence. He has gained diverse and extensive experience in all aspects of yacht operations, from sailing to shipyard projects and boat maintenance, while working on both large and small boats. Born and raised in a seaside town, Antoine has a deep connection to the ocean, having completed six Atlantic crossings.

With a strong work ethic and a commitment to safety, he ensures the highest service quality for guests while maintaining the vessel in pristine condition. With a multicultural background and years of experience working abroad, Antoine is adept at interacting with international guests and colleagues, ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment on board. Additionally, as a professionally trained kitesurf instructor, he can easily supervise various watersports activities, enhancing the guest experience on board One Planet.

Laurence RAYNAUD

Laurence’s innate finesse, kindness, and meticulous attention to detail are the pillars of ONE PLANET’s outstanding hospitality. Through her professional experiences, she has honed her skills in detailing, service, provisioning, organization, and financial accounting well before becoming a Captain herself. Laurence warmly welcomes guests on board, ensuring that their needs are met with utmost care.

Discreet and ever-smiling, Laurence is equipped to captivate guests with her superb presentations, diligent work, and keen eye for detail. Guests will undoubtedly feel at ease and appreciate her naturally effervescent and attentive care.

Laurence is assisting with all aspects of navigation and oversees interior service and accounting, guaranteeing a five-star hospitality experience for all on board. Laurence and her husband Stephane have stayed with the same owner for the last 15 years.


Maxim is a seasoned yacht crew member and first mate with a global sailing background and diverse professional experience, ranging from managing a fleet of boats to navigating challenging waters. As a mate, skipper, and technician on various vessels, he excels in deck maintenance, navigation, and safety protocols, confidently handling any situation that may arise on board.

His passion for sailing began in childhood, starting with drift boat competitions at the age of six and continuing until he was twenty. Serving as an assistant sailing instructor and waterman has equipped him to teach a variety of water sports, including fishing, spearfishing, windsurfing, foiling, jet skiing, and freediving.

Maxim’s adventurous spirit and expertise extend to surfing, fishing, diving, and paragliding, ensuring a memorable guest experience for those seeking excitement on the water. Exploring the world on a 50-foot monohull for four years broadened his horizons and exposed him to many cultures, enriching his ability to connect with international guests and colleagues.


With over three decades of culinary experience and a true love for the sea, Chef Faucci’s culinary journey began with his grandparents, who were coral fishermen and divers. As a boy, he spent his summer holidays on the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, learning the sea traditions of his family and discovering his passion for cooking. 

Throughout his career, Chef Faucci has gained extensive experience working as an Executive Chef in five-star hotels, as a Pasta Chef in John Malkovich’s Restaurant in Florence and Head Chef on Luxury Yachts up to 300 feet. With extensive culinary expertise, he has honed a distinctive style that fuses traditional methods and inventive concepts across a diverse range of cuisines, including Italian and French Riviera dishes, Mediterranean, Asian, health-conscious options, Mexican, Spanish tapas, halal, sushi, as well as bakery and pastry creations. 

Chef Faucci’s dedication to finding the world’s finest ingredients and creating exceptional cuisine is what sets him apart. His menus are carefully crafted to evoke emotions and awaken the senses, taking guests on a culinary journey that is both authentic and unforgettable. His menus are tailored to each guest’s personal tastes and preferences, and he works closely with clients to ensure that every detail is perfect from breakfast to dinner.


Szonja Horvath’s journey began in Hungary and then embraced the opportunity to study in Asia at a young age. This experience ignited her open-mindedness and deep interest in diverse cultures. Fluent in Hungarian, English, Chinese, and currently learning French, Szonja’s linguistic abilities reflect her global perspective. With a background in hospitality and childcare across the globe, she discovered a passion for sailing three years ago. Her 13-year career as a professional synchronized swimmer instilled in her discipline, punctuality, and a strive for perfection. An outdoor enthusiast, Szonja is also a qualified diver, proficient surfer, and a yoga instructor, blending her love for the sea with her dedication to wellness and sports.