Our Manifesto

Our project is rooted in a shared passion for sailing that has been passed down through generations in both of our families. From owning iconic Sailing Yachts in Newport in the early 1900s, to classic Sailing Yachts in the French Riviera in the 50s, to modern Sailing Yachts in the last decades, sailing has been a part of our families’ legacies.

As we take over the helm, we recognize the urgent need to address the unprecedented climate change and biodiversity loss that threaten our Planet. Yachting, in particular, has traditionally been associated with significant environmental footprint, from emissions to waste.

Fortunately, with the help of 21st-century technology, we can create a new paradigm forYachting that is both environmentally conscious and uncompromisingly luxurious. Our Sailing Yacht has been designed with utmost attention to detail during the 24 months of her construction to ensure minimal emissions, noise and waste at sea.

Join us in this journey to reinvent Yachting and demonstrate that uncompromised luxury can exist in harmony with environmental sustainability. We are excited to invite you aboard our “home on the sea” to experience slow, serene, and silent travel while celebrating the beauty of our Planet.

R. and A.
Paris, France.